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Acerman Accent Bench image

Acerman Accent Bench

Sale price$399.95Regular price $519.95
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Lemmund Accent Bench image

Lemmund Accent Bench

Sale price$399.95Regular price $519.95
Save 24%
Holgrove Accent Bench image

Holgrove Accent Bench

Sale price$419.95Regular price $549.95
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Haileeten Accent Bench image

Haileeten Accent Bench

Sale price$299.95Regular price $389.95
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Collbury Accent Bench image

Collbury Accent Bench

Sale price$459.95Regular price $599.95
Save 23%
Jeanay Accent Bench image

Jeanay Accent Bench

Sale price$699.95Regular price $909.95
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Visola Bench with Cushion image

Visola Bench with Cushion

Sale price$499.95Regular price $649.95

Unique Customization at Stash Home

Create furniture that reflects your personal style with our customizable options. Choose from a variety of fabrics and finishes to craft the perfect piece for your home.

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Elite Park Outdoor Bench with Cushion image

Elite Park Outdoor Bench with Cushion

Sale price$569.95Regular price $749.95
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Dakmore Bedroom Bench image

Dakmore Bedroom Bench

Sale price$229.95Regular price $299.95
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Chetfield Storage Bench image

Chetfield Storage Bench

Sale price$359.95Regular price $469.95
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Cabalynn 63" Dining Bench image

Cabalynn 63" Dining Bench

Sale price$289.95Regular price $379.95