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Zendex 72" Bookcase image

Zendex 72" Bookcase

Sale price$369.95Regular price $489.95
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Yulton Storage Shelf image

Yulton Storage Shelf

Sale price$239.95Regular price $319.95
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Waylowe 74" Bookcase image

Waylowe 74" Bookcase

Sale price$199.95Regular price $259.95
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Starmore 76" Bookcase image

Starmore 76" Bookcase

Sale price$769.95Regular price $1,009.95
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Ryandale Bookcase image
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Realyn 75" Bookcase image

Realyn 75" Bookcase

Sale price$629.95Regular price $819.95
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Otaska Home Office Corner Bookcase image

Otaska Home Office Corner Bookcase

Sale price$149.95Regular price $199.95

Unique Customization at Stash Home

Create furniture that reflects your personal style with our customizable options. Choose from a variety of fabrics and finishes to craft the perfect piece for your home.

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Oliah Youth Bookcase Storage Bed image

Oliah Youth Bookcase Storage Bed

Sale priceFrom $269.95Regular price $359.95
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Maccenet Shoe Rack image

Maccenet Shoe Rack

Sale price$239.95Regular price $319.95
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Lazabon 70" Bookcase image

Lazabon 70" Bookcase

Sale price$269.95Regular price $359.95
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Kevmart Bookcase image

Kevmart Bookcase

Sale price$1,159.95Regular price $1,509.95